Before applying online for a checking account, savings account or time deposit, or enrolling in Quicken® Banking, QuickBooks® Banking, First Online Internet Banking or First Online Bill Pay, you must first indicate your acceptance of the following:

You consent to receive the following disclosures electronically: Truth in Savings Disclosure. Electronic Fund Transfer Agreement and Disclosure, Privacy Policy, Online and Mobile Banking Agreement and/or Online Bill Pay Disclosures. When applicable to the account or service for which you are applying, these disclosures will be presented to you prior to the submission of your application or enrollment. While your consent to receive electronic disclosures only applies to these disclosures, we also encourage you to read the Deposit Account Agreement.
You may withdraw your consent to receive the disclosures electronically any time prior to submitting your application/enrollment by cancelling it or closing the window. If you withdraw your consent after submitting your application, your account will not be affected.
You indicate your ability to receive the disclosures in electronic form. In order to receive these disclosures in electronic form, you must meet the standard system requirements for either Windows or Macintosh.
If you would like to receive original paper copies of the above disclosures, please contact us by e-mail or by phone. We will provide the disclosures to you via U.S. mail at no charge. We will not respond to you electronically. It is not necessary for you to notify us in the event that your e-mail address changes.

Please read this Electronic Disclosure Consent carefully and print or retain a copy of the Consent - as well as the disclosures that will appear prior to the submission of your application/enrollment - for your records. In order to retain copies, you may either print them or save them to your hard drive.

By continuing your application/enrollment, you indicate your consent to receive the applicable disclosures electronically as well as your ability to access these disclosures in electronic form. If you do not accept to receive the disclosures electronically, please visit any First Bank branch or contact us by phone to open your account or enroll in the service of your choice.






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