E-mail Notification

Receive an e-mail when your statement is ready to be viewed - typically several days before you would receive your paper statement in the mail. View, print or save your statement by logging in to First Online Internet Banking and clicking on the Statements link.


Easy to Use Format

Statements are presented in PDF format and look just like the paper statements you’re used to receiving by mail, including images of deposit and check transactions.

Extended Statement History

With the click of a mouse you can easily access at least 15 months of statements and transaction images.


Enrolling in e-Statements is easy!

Log on to First Online Internet Banking, click on the “Statements” link, agree to the terms and conditions of the service, and specify “Online” as the delivery preference for each of your eligible accounts. In addition to being enrolled in First Online Internet Banking, you must have a PDF reader, such as Adobe® Reader® (download free version), installed on your computer in order to access your First Bank statements online.


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