Single Sign-On

First Online Bill Pay is accessed through First Online Internet Banking with one User ID and one Password.

Choose Your Payees

Send bill payments to any company, person or organization that you wish to send a payment.

Manage Your Payments

Pay one or multiple bills from one easy to use screen. Schedule your payments for one-time or recurring, to process today or at some date in the future. Easily view pending payments, edit or cancel payments.


Pay From Multiple Funding Accounts

Choose more than one First Bank account from which to pay your bills.

Customize Reports

Generate reports using a variety of criteria to find specific payments.

Guaranteed On-Time Payments

First Bank guarantees that your bill payments will be sent on time for the amount you requested.


First Online Bill Pay enrollment is quick and convenient!

You may enroll in First Online Bill Pay at the same time you enroll in online banking, or at any time in the future by clicking the “Make Payments” link from within the online banking system. Once you’ve enrolled in First Online Bill Pay you’ll receive an e-mail within the next business day to let you know that you can begin using the online bill payment system. Online help is available to assist you in setting up payees and making payments - or call or email us at 316-283-2600 or

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