The person (Cardholder) whose name appears on the face of the First Bank of Newton Check Card or Direct Cash Card (both referred to as the Card), by retaining, using or permitting others to use such Card, agrees with First Bank of Newton (Bank) as follows:

1. Use of First Bank of Newton Check Card

You may use your First Bank of Newton Check Card everywhere Visa debit cards are welcome or at any automated teller machine.

You, the Cardholder, authorize Bank to debit or credit your designated checking, money market, and/or savings account (Account) for the amount of each cash advance from an authorized financial institution or automatic teller machine, each funds transfer, or each purchase transacted with your First Bank of Newton Check Card. Your designated Account is the one you listed in your application with the Bank.

If you do not have overdraft protection with Bank, you agree not to use your First Bank of Newton Check Card to make any purchases or cash advances if such transaction would cause your designated checking, money market, and/or savings account to be overdrawn.

If you present your Card for a purchase before the merchant knows the amount of your final purchase, the merchant may pre-authorize your purchase. Examples of a pre-authorized purchase include a pay at the pump fuel purchase, a car rental, a hotel reservation, or a restaurant bill. The amount the merchant pre-authorizes may be greater than your final billed amount. If your Account does not have a sufficient balance to cover this pre-authorized amount, your Account will be overdrawn and may be subject to overdraft fees. To protect against this occurring, you should request the pre-authorized amount from the merchant at the time you present your Card for the purchase.

Foreign Currency Transactions. If you make a transaction in currency other than U.S. dollars, Visa will convert the charge or credit into a U.S. dollar amount. The conversion rate will be determined using Visa currency conversion procedures that are disclosed to institutions issuing Visa cards. The conversion rate on the processing date may differ from the rate on the date of your transaction. Currently, Visa uses a currency conversion rate of either: (1) a wholesale market rate, or (2) government-mandated rate plus a 1% currency conversion fee. In each case, Visa uses the rate in effect one day before the conversion date. We will post to your account the converted U.S. dollar amount determined by Visa as described above.

You agree to immediately sign your First Bank of Newton Check Card. It must be signed to be valid.

There is no annual charge for the First Bank of Newton Check Card.

2. Use of Direct Cash Card

The Direct Cash Card may be used to obtain cash and transfer funds in designated automatic teller machines or for purchases at participating merchants who display the Cirrus, NYCE, or Plus symbol. It is not a credit card or credit device and you agree you will not use the Card to obtain cash or transfer funds if the transaction would cause your Account to be overdrawn.

In the event your Account is overdrawn, you agree to promptly reimburse Bank for such amount together with all applicable fees.

There is no annual charge for the Direct Cash Card.

3. Terms Applicable for Both the First Bank of Newton Check Card and the Direct Cash Card

Automatic Teller Machine Charges. You will be charged a $1.00 transaction fee each time you use your Card to withdraw cash in an automatic teller machine not owned by Bank. Your normal Account charges will also apply as set forth in your Deposit Agreement, Truth In Savings Disclosure and Fee Schedule.

Amendment of Agreement. This Agreement may be amended from time to time by Bank.

Revocation of Card. Bank may revoke your Card and Account at any time. All Cards are the property of Bank and must be surrendered to Bank upon demand.

If Card is Lost or Stolen. If your Card or Personal Identification Number is lost or stolen, promptly notify Bank by calling 316-283-2600 or 1-888-283-2611 during business hours or 1-800-236-2442 after hours.

Legal Transactions. You will only use your Card for transactions that are legal where you reside. For example, Internet gambling transactions may be illegal in your state. Display of a Visa logo by an online merchant does not mean that an Internet transaction is legal where you live. Bank will not be liable if you engage in an illegal transaction.

Rules for Use of Card. Your use of the Card and your Account are subject to this Agreement, the Electronic Fund Transfer Disclosure, and all Bank Account agreements applicable to your Account. If more than one Card is issued, all Cardholders holding such Cards shall be jointly and severally liable to Bank for the use of such Cards and the Account. Bank is not responsible for the failure of any merchant or financial institution or any automatic teller machine to complete a transaction with your Card.

4. Notice Regarding ATM Fees by Others

If you use an automated teller machine that is not operated by us, you may be charged a fee by the operator of the machine and/or by an automated transfer network.

First Bank appreciates your business. Please don't hesitate to call 316-283-2600 or toll-free 1-888-283-2611 with any questions or problems concerning your card.


Main Bank
128 E. Broadway
Newton, KS 67114
S. Kansas Branch
1404 S. Kansas Ave.
Newton, KS 67114
Dillons Branch
1216 N. Main
Newton, KS 67114
Hesston Branch
347-A N. Old Hwy 81
Hesston, KS 67062

First Bank ATM Locations
Main Bank, 128 E. Broadway
South Kansas Branch, 1404 S. Kansas Ave.
Dillons Branch, 1216 N. Main
South Dillons, 1410 S. Kansas Ave.
Newton Medical Center, 600 Medical Center Dr.
Bethel College, 300 E. 27th, North Newton
Play-Mor Lanes, 1105 Washington Rd.
Chisholm Trail Shopping Center, 601 SE 36th St.
Hesston Branch, 347-A N. Old Hwy 81

Toll-Free: 888-283-2611
24-Hour Banking: 316-284-0404


Additional Information

PIN changes via ATM: Customers may now select their own unique four digit PIN number for use with their First Bank Check Card or Direct Cash Card. The process is quick and easy: using your randomly assigned PIN number at a First Bank ATM, select "PIN Change" and the terminal will provide step by step instructions to change your PIN. The change is effective immediately.

Business Visa Check Card: First Bank offers Business Visa Check Cards as a compliment to our business checking account. Purchase transactions initiated by owners/employees are automatically deducted – no checks or purchase orders required! This free card provides ATM access as well. Contact a First Bank representative for more information.






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